Monday, January 11, 2010

Long time no blog...must mean I'm getting fatter!

Well not really, but I am not on the track that I had planned. I am down to a loss of 20 pounds and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I am regrouping and back on the heavy routine this week, but the weather has made it quite difficult to exercise outside and at times leaving and going to the gym is...well I am still lazy at times. (I know your shocked) Anyway, I need to make another big plunge to launch and lose the next 20. I appreciate suggestions and comment will ya, it really does help! My wife running a half marathon may have helped push me too!


  1. Hang in there Scott! It is a lifestyle that you are changing not just a goal of loosing weight. And that means that the Lord is having to put those old habits to death which is painful. New life will come.

  2. Scooter, people usually plateau at about 10lbs lost. So that's probably where you were for a while. You lost 10 more over the holiday period. No easy feat. 95% of America wishes they could have just not gained weight over the holidays - present company included. You, Sir, have done well. Keep after it. Those lbs will keep coming off.

  3. great to know you are still letting us be a part of your journey. remember it really is about the journey to freedom and although i'm sure you have a set weight loss goal...God is all about what happens along the way as you lean on him for support and strength.