Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to Posting Hopefully

Well I woke up this moring overwhelmed with all the things that are on my plate this week and the funny thin was that I had a text on my phone number I didn't recognize stating " you need God" That simple message from a stranger is so true. I try to flesh out my life's hurdles with time and energy all too often leaving the Lord of all creation on th esideline of my mind adn heart never asking for His help to do everything. Oh I know, He does way more thatn I see or give Him credit for, but it woud make more sense to run to the one who controls all things then to pretend that I actually have some control out here. I will post more about my weightloss when I am more awake and have more time, but for now...please pray for me as school begins with a mass of other things on my plate.