Monday, November 30, 2009

A little discouragiing

Last week my mom was in town so I couldn't get up and write about my half pound loss which was a little frustrating but understandable. The past week was my birthday and apparently I was more loved this year because of the number of cakes I received..the enemy knows how to tempt! Well as I mentioned above this week my mom was in town for thanksgiving and really I just didn't eat well. I tried to exercise more to compensate for the crazy schedule but it did not work. I gained 2 pounds back this morning and although I was a little discouraged, I know it was my fault. I ate a good bit on thanksgiving, went to a football game and ate junk, and we ate out several times during the week and it just wasn't' good for me at all. On a different note, my pants feel loser and I still feel like I have lost weight. One of my friends sent me this weight loss tracker that has places where you reward yourself for weight loss with non food related items. MY problem is I keep thinking of restaurants to go to or really expensive things to add to my list. So I need some help! If you have any ideas about what things you may want to suggest that our cheep non edible foods then I would love some ideas. Well, I have three weeks before Christmas holidays and parties are starting to line up. Pray for this season of stress, food, and events that will tempt me as well as that this week I can get back down tot he losing that I started.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weigh In Day and the Electronic Scale

Week 4 Day 1
This morning I woke up ready to weigh in after three weeks of dieting. I have been weighing myself each Monday morning to see what I truly lost since I have more liberty on the weekends. So I got up and got ready to get on the scale.My original weight was 338.5 so my goal was 328.5. The first time on the scale it said 330.4. After getting back on the scale it read 327.8. Now I thought for a moment, if I could just get off and on the scale and lose weight like this this will be easy! So i tired 2 more times getting 328 and 328.8. So I went with 328 not giving myself the lowest number but certainly not the highest either. Which means over the last 3 weeks I have lost 10.5 pounds. I don't really feel the lose completely but I know with consistency, effort, and prayer this is only the beginning. I really want to honor the Lord for His service with my body. I feel this can be done with a healthier me and that keeps me motivated throughout this process. So Keep praying and thanks for the encouragement.
Scott Parks

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The quest

For most of my life I have been overweight. It has created a great deal of problems from self value to sin that has so easily entangled. I have been made fun of and loved for my size. I have used it usefully in sports and been hindered by it in life. I have made several failed attempts to lose weight but never succeeded due to lack of care, initiative, and overall laziness. I have been criticized by those who love me and mocked by strangers. Close friends have never said a word but accepted me for who I am. But the reality of all of this is I am a slave. I have been a salve to food for a very long time. From my parents divorce and grandfather's death, I have used food as a crutch to hold onto when things were going bad as well as when things have been going good. It has crippled my walk with the Lord because the blessing of food has never been something I could hold onto because I made it my biggest idol. I have fought these words for along time and only now despite knowing this for quite sometime am ready to repent of my sin and turn to the only one who can save me from this sin. I know this will not be easy for me and am seeking great accountability to accomplish this goal. My goal is to lose 100 pounds by May of 2010. The great news is I have already lost 7 that I know of and maybe more when I weigh in on Monday. I started this blog for me to write my feelings and emotions down to document my personal struggle so I could see the Lord's faithfulness throughout this season. It is good to have a loving Father who loves you as you are, but I can not serve my loving Father the greatest remaining how I am! Please pray:
1. That I would be faithful with the little things. (refraining, restraining, and not getting second helpings!)
2. For a clear understanding of why I do what I do around food.
3. That I would pray when I feel temptation and God would provide the way out like he promises!
4. That in the process, I would not quit!

Thanks for being a part of this journey with me.
Scott Parks