Monday, December 14, 2009


So its looks like I gained another 2 pounds back this week. I am not shocked, based on things I didn't do. The rain porevented exercise alot, but as far as food I really didn't do too bad until the weekend. Date night with dinner and marble slab (we should have shared) breakfast at Chickfial with Davis, and popcorn with the girls. I'm not as discouraged as I was a caouple weeks ago because I got quality time with the 4 most important people to me. I still have to learn how not to involve food with everything and that has been a challenge. Also, I am kinda getting tired of dieting. I keep telling myself my granola bars are like candy bars but that has worn off a bit. Also, Chrsitmas coming and Annalee's birthday right around the corner have some food challenges ahead. So, pray for endurance people cause right's hard to want to not eat whatever I want. On a positive note, I had to buy a new belt because the other one would no longer hold my pants up. It's very clear that mjen over 30 should not attempt the sag (you know if you try) but I was encouraged by that fact.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Back on top

Well this past week was pretty uneventful until the weekend. As most of you know I am a big Florida fan and knew Saturday would be filled with temptations to eat whether we won and I needed victory food or if we lost and I need comforting food. As it turns out I would have needed a great deal of comfort based on the but kickin' Florida got. Anyway, to make the situation removed and take temptation away I decided to fast and pray when I was tempted to eat. God was so good to me in this because lets face it...some buffalo dip and chicken wings would have made me feel better. But only for a little while. My heart and body are really starting to see food differently. Last night at evening of prayer, I said no to dessert and didn't feel the urge to clean my son's plate of his pizza he didn't eat. The result this morning 222.2 and am back on track for weight loss on my 2.5 pounds a week. That means so far I have 16.3 pounds. Last night my friend Matt (Spivey) said man your losing weight. I was proud but really I should have said, no God's just helping to make me thin. I really do feel the Lord's hand in my body. In closing, I wanted to respond to a few things. Hope, my next reward is a CD and I have an afternoon at the movies next so thanks for the encouragement. Also, when I lose 50 pounds I am getting a Wii! Temptation still rises so keep praying for me and asking me how I am doing and if you see me about to eat something that hinders my cause...feel free to tackle me.
Scott Parks