Saturday, January 1, 2011

THe first day of the year

Well, like most people new beginnings seem to remind us of what we want, but all to often what we WON't do to get it. I am the perfect example of that. I have stated that I wanted to lose weight over really the last year and a half. During the two summer months while I was off os school, I lost almost 30 pounds and was pumped. But now as the new year starts and the first semester of school ends, I am 4 pounds away from where I was before the summer weight loss. So as I sit up late tonight, actually its rolled in the 2nd now) I think about all kinds fo things that really seem to overwhelm me. I feel like I struggle with two major issues and they both involve managing m life. Money and food. The irony is if I didn't spend money on food I probably wouldn't have either as a problem!!! Not really but I am sure a dinner at 5 guys probably isn't on any weight loss plan out there. In my head I think a lot of weird stuff sometimes like if I have indigestion, I think it may be a heart attack or if I feel some weird pain, I know much of it is due to my weight. My wife God love her, has tried everything for direct to subtle to even having friends talking about it to me. But I still seem to struggle year in with the same two issues. I am discouraged about both and want to trust the Lord in walking forward so that He can be glorified in my life with both circumstances. But I have little faith. Please pray for me as I seek once again to apply goals and principles to my life to lose weight, manage our money, and serve the Lord and others for their sake and not my own. I would love comments but honestly I am not sure I see the light yet.

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  1. Scott, have you seen this?

    I ordered the Bible study bundle and plan on having a small group study in my home this summer. You are welcome to come along :) I started the book earlier in the week and it is really good....praying for you- I know how difficult this path is all too well.