Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 miles

Today I completed (not ran) 10 miles. My first four were in the morning at Annalee's school. She had a 5K and then a 1 mile fun run so that gave me only 6 to go. That afternoon I did a 6 mile lap from our house down by the park and back up Old Shell. It brought back a ton of memories for me cause I did part of the course of the marathon we did 3 years ago. I remembered how tired and hurting I was and was only at 18 miles. I also realized since I was only at mile 3 of this 6, i should shut up and keep going. I did it alone, so I had plenty of time to think. My mind wandered on so many things, from what makes people throw trash out their windows to I wonder if someone hit me how bad it would hurt? I also looked at the beautiful trees 9i don't know what they are) that bloom with such great white flowers and look so amazing and thought about how this. If God is called our tree of life then the roots and branches that come forth from the ground burst open at the top in an outward display of joy and evidence of the growth and strength that comes from below or inside. When I think about the fruit of my life, I want it to be like those trees, where God's love for me is blossomed into an amazing display of his glory and that there is an outward appearance of all that he is and what he wants! I think its sad when Christians choose not to serve the lover and giver of life. I know there are always excuses that sound good in your head and out loud but we do not serve a God of excuses but of sacrifice! I hope I can learn to live more sacrificially in so many ways!

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